misc-fixed-width-6×13 font with dotted zero

So I have been experimenting with fixed-width bitmap fonts for a while, in my quest for the “perfect” bitmap font for programming and terminal app.

What better bitmap font can you have than misc-fixed-width-6×13 distributed with X11. It’s undeniably crisp and easy on eyes, really awesome for programming.

If you spend more than 10 hours coding or working on terminal, you would need something which is easy on eyes yet precise. Bitmap fonts are known to be precise and crisp. I have used ProFont, Terminus, Proggy etc. But really fell in love with the fixed-6×13 font.

The only thing that was kinda in my wish-list was the “dotted-zero”. So I began experimenting with FontForge. Generating .dfont for Mac was easy. But somehow Windows 10 did not like the .fon file generated by FontForge.

So I created .fon file from original 6×13.bdf using FontForge, and then regenerated .fon file using Simon Tatham’s scripts available here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/fonts/

The end result is really cool:

The modified fonts are available in my GitHub repo: https://github.com/soumyadipdm/Fixed6x13-dotted-zero


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