Organize your movies per IMDB genre

I have a decent collection of movies that I watch when time permits. Sometimes you would like to watch action movies, sometimes horror, at times the animated ones, all depends upon what mood dictates.

This was ok. But problem was, being a lazy person, I never bothered to actually organize the movies according to their genres, and of course I never intended to do that manually.

So I wrote a little python code which did what I wanted: It organized my movies collection per the genres obtained from IMDB. All thanks to the imdbpy module which can search IMDB database for movies and show you whole lot of attributes of the movie in question. Exactly what I needed.

All left to me was to just use this module and list the crappy directory where I dumped all my movies indifferently, get the list of movies, search them and get their genres one by one, create a directory with the name of the genre, and move the movie to that directory. Voila!!

So the end result is pretty neat looking movie library:

├── Adventure
│   ├── Divergent\ (2014)
│   │   ├── Divergent.mp4
│   ├── Jaws\ (1975)
│   │   ├── Jaws.mp4
│   ├── The\ Hobbit\ The\ Battle\ of\ the\ Five\ Armies\ (2014)
│   │   ├── The.Hobbit.The.Battle.of.the.Five.Armies.2014.avi
│   ├── The\ Hobbit\ The\ Desolation\ of\ Smaug\ (2013)\ [1080p]
│   │   ├── The.Hobbit.The.Desolation.of.Smaug.2013.1080p.BluRay.mp4
│   ├── The\ Sign\ of\ Four\ (1987)
│   │   ├── The.Sign.of.Four.1987.720p.BluRay.mp4
│   └── Zombieland\ (2009)
│   ├── Zombieland.2009.720p.BrRip.mp4
├── Animation
│   ├── Big\ Hero\ 6\ (2014)
│   │   ├── Big.Hero.6.2014.1080p.BluRay.mp4
│   ├── Cloudy\ with\ a\ Chance\ of\ Meatballs\ (2009)
│   │   ├── Cloudy.with.a.Chance.of.Meatballs.720p.BluRay.mp4
│   ├── Cloudy\ with\ a\ Chance\ of\ Meatballs\ 2\ (2013)
│   │   ├── Cloudy.with.a.Chance.of.Meatballs.2.2013.720p.BluRay.mp4
│   ├── Home\ (2015)
│   │   ├── Home.2015.720p.BluRay.mp4

I have made the script available on my github repo:

Happy watching movies!!


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