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Turbo charge your web servers using Squid HTTP Intercept mode

Now, this is not of course something new. But, I thought of sharing basic configurations of Squid proxy caching server to cache web requests. There are of course a lot more you can do with Squid, one of them is … Continue reading

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OpenLDAP + NFS + Automount = Complete Identity Solution

Well, we have lots of identity solutions these days. They are ready to be in use out-of-the-box with very little configuration changes. But having said that, be it MS Windows Active Directory, Red Hat Directory Server, or IBM Tivoli Identity … Continue reading

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Centralized logging system: rsyslog, logstash, Elasticsearch & kibana

So I have been a little bit busy with this voluntary work I do in my free time. I am associated with Wikimedia Foundation as a volunteer IT staff. People are very much open and helpful there. Few months back, … Continue reading

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