Linux: How to delete a disk or LUN reference from /dev

In AIX, there is rmdev command to remove a disk/LUN from /dev directory i.e to make the disk/LUN unavailable to the whole OS before physically removing it.

But in Linux, there’s no specific command to the same. Here’s how you will actually do it:

Make sure that the disk is not being used by the application, does not contain a mounted file system or an active volume group.
1. Take the disk offline:
cd /sys/block/sdb/device
echo “offline” >state
2. Delete from /dev
echo 1 >delete
You can make your own script with the name rmdev 😉
[[ ! -d “$dev” ]] && echo “$dev does not exist” && exit 1
echo “offline” >/sys/block/”$dev”/device/state
echo 1 >/sys/block/”$dev”/device/delete

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