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AIX default permission issue: solved with concept from Linux and a little bit of shell script

One day at work, I got an RFC ticket requesting that an already existing directory should be setup in such a way that whenever a new file is created, only owner of the file should have read+write permission, other group … Continue reading

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Linux: How to delete a disk or LUN reference from /dev

In AIX, there is rmdev command to remove a disk/LUN from /dev directory i.e to make the disk/LUN unavailable to the whole OS before physically removing it. But in Linux, there’s no specific command to the same. Here’s how you … Continue reading

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Tips/Tricks: How to change TimeZone on Linux and Solaris

Have you ever come across a situation where you selected a wrong time zone during system build and later realized? Well, you do not certainly have to rebuild the system from scratch just to change the time zone! That would … Continue reading

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